6 Beautiful Stained Glass Art Designs – Coloring Books

Top 6 Stained Glass (Mosaic Designs) Coloring Books

Anyone who walked to church hall where there are stained glass windows cannot stay apathetic!

The colorful images created by small pieces of pigmented tinted glass, is usually breath taking! In the coloring books sphere, stained glass designs are very popular as well. The clear lines, which create figures and landscapes, so easy to color yet so interesting for the eye.

The Largest Stained Glass Window In the World

So beautiful and breath taking decoration!

Here we gathered the top 6 stained glass art coloring books we have published! With 5 different sub-niches there is a book topic for everyone. And for those who just want to color mosaic designs with no specific topic, there is one book which has a collection of designs. Click the image or link to see more.

STAINED GLASS ART Animals Mosaic Patterns of Wildlife, Pets, Fish and Butterflies

This coloring book has 35 animals, pets, fish, wildlife, and insects mosaic designs! Beautiful diversity of nature, from tropical animals, to forests, marine life, and arctic penguins! All the 35 images are single sided and on large pages.

Easy clear lines for teenagers and adults to color. -Commission Earned Link Click here to order this book from Amazon.

Stained Glass Art – Birds Coloring Book

This book has some astounding birds designs, from the beautiful peacock at the front cover, to flamingo, parrots, owls and other magnificent bird kingdom patterns.

With 30 unique style of mosaic designs creating easy bird figures to color. Click here to order this coloring book from Amazon. -Commission Earned Link

Stained Glass Art of Beautiful Landscapes – Coloring Book

For those who prefer scenic designs, the book has a collection of 25 pages of mosaic style patterns. Inside the book you will find castles, churches, sea and sailing ships, trees, landscapes, rocks and other scenic pages to color.

So relax and take a pleasant trip to nature with this beautiful coloring book, you can order your copy here. -Commission Earned Link

Flowers – Stained Glass Style Coloring Book

If flowers and floral designs are your passion this coloring book will be perfect for you! The book includes 30 floral patterns in the unique stained glass line art. With roses, tulips, sunflowers and more..

There are delicate and decorated floral window designs to color. Some pages are of flower vases, other of wine and grapes. Creating colorful images is easy and fun. Check here to get your stained glass flowers book. -Commission Earned Link

Christian and Abstract Coloring Book – Stained Glass Art

Stained Glass ReligiousThis book has mostly Christian motifs of Cross patterns, angels, Maria and other Christianity decorated windows designs. There are also two Jewish Star of David designs to color, and two Eastern Yen-Yang designs. Other pages have decorated patterns beautiful symmetric stained glass patterns to fill.

With a collection of 34 stained glass designs, there are plenty of pages which will be gorgeous to show when done. Click here to get the religious and abstract collection coloring book. -Commission Earned Link

Stained Glass Art Coloring Book

This is actually our first stained glass coloring book. It has a collection of designs and patterns of animal, birds, landscapes and Christian designs. For those who are not sure which stained glass niche they prefer, this book has them all.

Some of this book pages can be seen in the other books, while most of them are unique to this book specifically. Enjoy the stained glass collection, get your coloring book here. -Commission Earned Link

Stained Glass Style Coloring Book

So which of these was most appealing to you? The wildlife and animals, the birds kingdom? the flowers? landscapes? or the spiritual designs?

You will find the mosaic patterns is easy yet challenging to color. Its easy because most patterns are not too narrow or technically hard to color. But combining all the colors into one main image, requires some thought and planning. We wish you lots of fun!

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