5 BEST Summer Coloring Books For Kids

Summer Season Coloring Books For Kids

Summer is not only warm, it is also the school break. The kids are at home all day, they pass time with TV and mobile screens all day. Some kids find it relaxing and passing time when they color. Creating colorful pages! Here we gathered 5 of our best coloring books prepared for summer. Inside these books you will find lots of sea, sun, ice creams, and summer games. Most books are for young ages from toddlers 3-4  and early school 5-7 ages.

The Giant Ice Cream – Summer Coloring Book For Kids

ice cream summer coloring bookThis book includes different types of frozen refreshing cones of dripping sweet ice creams and ice pops. Large pages of yummy desserts kids can color and add their one toppings and heart wishes.

Some pages are super easy ice pops, for the younger kids (4-5) to begin with. Other pages are more complex and detailed so boys and girls can enjoy coloring them at older ages. Click here to order this refreshing book from Amazon.

For toddlers coloring book with ice creams and ice pops, see below, we have a special book for them with super easy coloring.

Fun at The Beach – Coloring Book For Toddlers

coloring book toddlers atthe beachThe book is intended for toddlers and young kids. It has sea and beach scenes, of children playing beach ball, diving, swimming and having fun. Simple naive images, easy to color for kids. Check here to see back cover and order this book.

Summer Fun – Coloring Book For Kids: Beach, Vacation, Ice Cream and Sun

summer kids coloring bookFun coloring book for boys and girls, with lots of summer scenes of children having fun at summer. Jumping into pool, sea water, having fun at the shore, eating ice creams and lots of summer fun. Book format is square, 8.5″ X 8.5″ pages. Click here to order this book from Amazon.

Fun Summer Time – Coloring Book For Kids: Sea & Sun Activities

Fun Summer Time - Coloring Book For Kids: Sea & Sun ActivitiesThis can be referred to as the second book for summer after the book above. The same artist sketched both books. This book has larger pages 11″ X 8.5″  and has plenty of summer vacation scenes kids will love to color! From scuba diving, swimming, pool activities, playground, camping, flying and much more.

Large images, wide clear pages to color. Have an awesome vacation! Click here to order this book from Amazon.

Lots of Ice Cream & Summer Fun Coloring Book For Toddlers

ice cream coloring book toddlersSimilar to The Giant Ice Cream coloring book at the top of the page, this book is intended for young children! Ages 3-4, beginners to coloring, who need large clear lines, wide areas they can fill, and VERY EASY coloring level. The book format is square. Click here to get this book from Amazon for your kids to color this summer.

Have a Great Summer Vacation

make the summer days more interesting and colorful with these coloring books. From the extra easy for toddlers to the summer scenes for older kids, everyone will have a chance to get their eyes from the screens fro a while and do something creative.