Coloring Book Supplies

How To Get The Best Results?

When going into coloring books, one does not need any fancy items and accessories. Like running, you can lace up your sports shoes and begin running today. You do not need pulse monitoring and GPS watches,to jog in the park.

The most important thing you need is TIME. And a coloring book.

Find Your Coloring Book Niche

Arts supplies for coloring booksThere are thousands of coloring books available – You may want to focus on a niche which you are fond of. Flowers? Mandalas? Fairies? Portraits? You may want to color seasonal books like Summer, Holidays, Halloween patterns.

You can search by topic or by creator. If you like a certain creator of coloring books, than other books by this creator may have the similar look and feel you like.

Now that you have a coloring book, you can color inside with whatever you find at home. But if you want really good results and stunning images, investing in decent art supplies is worthwhile.

Adding Colors To Your Pages

There are plenty of options to color books. You may want to try several techniques and art mediums, as they each produce a different result. Once you tried several supplies you may keep coloring with the supplies you feel more acquainted with.

If you colored books with only one method until now (only pencils) you may want to try new ways. You may find that the journey of exploring new methods is very pleasurable regardless of the results.

Oil Based Colored Pencils

Oil based colored pencils are a popular choice by many colorists, because of their ability to blend nicely into each other. Oil pigments blend and mix together smoothly. They have a vibrant bright light effect which can make many pages in your book to stand out.

Prismacolor 4484 Premier Colored Pencils, Soft Core

This is certainly one of the most recommended set of soft core pencils you can have. There are multiple sets available 132 set, 72 set, 48 set, 24 set. These have 4.7 star ratings!! With 14,000 people reviewing them!

  • Soft, thick cores
  • Lightfast, richly saturated pigments
  • Ultra-smooth, even color laydown
  • Thick, robust leads resist cracking and chipping making them perfect for adult coloring books
  • 72 premium colored pencils ; Perfect for layering, blending and shading

Get them from Amazon – Begin the fantastic vibrant coloring with Prismacolor pencil sets. -Commission Earned Link

Fine Tip Marker Pens

In order to get a very detailed coloring done, pencils may not be the absolute solution. If you are into very detailed patterns, fine tip markers may be the art supply you need.

The downside is the fine tip pens do not blend and mix, and there are usually less color options than pencils and may not be good for coloring large area surfaces.

But getting detailed area filled, and very bright colors, they over rank any other art supply out there -Commission Earned Link: Here is a 24 pack for Fine Line Pen Markers very budget friendly price.

Brush Marker Pens Set

They are the big brother of the fine line pens..  there are much more suitable for coloring books needs!

Brush marker pens will likely give a smoother appearance than their fine tip counterparts simply because they have a wider tip that is designed to glide.

The pros of these is that the color comes out smoothly and evenly. They cover large areas without issues, and they have a tip for coloring precise details.

The cons is that there are less colors to choose from. The blending is not smooth at oil pencils.

Brush markers sometimes come with a blender pen so you can still achieve the exact color you want. This makes it easy to match it to the graphite and oil that surrounds it. -Commission Earned Link  Get a set of 60 dual pen markers for coloring books.

Gel Pens Set For Coloring Books

Mostly used by teens and those coloring fantasy fairy tales, unicorns and bright neon rainbow pages. No other pens or markers have the same bright glow effects. You may not want to color only with these, but having gel pens in hand reach may be wise for adding touch ups.

Another advantage they have is they come in sparkles. It’s less messy than trying to add sparkles with glue and glitter later. Get a sparkle and neon shine into your pages with these gel pens set from Amazon. -Commission Earned Link

Oil Pastels For Coloring

These are the most smooth gliding colors you will find. With the most interesting pigments and art blending you an create inside your books.

Their downside is that they are thick so it may be difficult coloring detailed patterns. For coloring large areas, wide surfaces of oval lines you will get the best shading with them.

Oil pastels stain everything, your finger tips will be pigmented, sides of paper and any place you touch. Its the utmost joy for painting, once you begin with them.

Get a set of 24 Prismacolor oil pastels to color like professional painters -Commission Earned Link (you might fall in love with this coloring medium..)

Watercolor Supplies To Use In Coloring Books

When it comes to watercolor supplies to use in your favorite coloring books it is always advisable to use any of your new supplies with care. Experiment with these supplies in an art journal or on pages you don’t like before you take on new projects.

It is also important to keep in mind that most of the pages in coloring books are not watercolor paper. This means you will need to be careful in the way of using less water than you would normally use for general watercolor painting. You can also choose to copy pages out of your coloring books to a watercolor paper.

Watercolor Pencils For Coloring Books

These are pencils which you can use either dry or wet. When you add water, these colors become a lot more intense associated with the name.

So they are not really watercolors but rather are a type of ink in pencils which are activated when using water.

The pros is that you can use them as pencils, and when you work with a wet brush you can blend them into each other creating the most smooth blends and shades.

The downside is that working with water requires practice and some pages may get smudged until you get the grip of it.

The watercolor pencils were originally meant to be used on watercolor pages which are very thick and absorb water without getting soft and mushy. Note most coloring books are not suitable for watercolors. So do not drown the page with water, use damp brush to dissolve and spread the colors. Get a set of 48 watercolor pencils to create wonderful blends. -Commission Earned Link

Summery of Art Supplies

If you are only beginning with coloring books or taking them to the next level, you will probably need some descent art supplies to go with. The basic kit will include a set of colored pencils, these are most intuitive and usually require the least know-how.-Commission Earned Link Just pick the colored pencil set which you want 48 pcs, 72 pcs or go large with the 132 pcs.

Pens, gel pens and markers are also a very popular colors people use to color their books. Fine tip pens will fill detailed mandalas and small patterns. The Markers will do both, fill small details and cover larger areas smoothly. These are usually budget friendly which anyone can afford. -Commission Earned Link Get a set of 48-60 pens which will have plenty of tones and shades.

Oil pastels and watercolor pencils are for the advanced colorists which wish to challenge themselves with new coloring mediums to try.