Gruesome Faces – Horror Coloring Book For Adults

Coloring 30 Evil Demons, Zombies, Twisted Creatures, Scary Portraits

Gruesome horror coloring book adults halloween

Take a Look at The Faces of Horror – And Color Them!

PERFECT COLORING BOOK FOR HALLOWEEN – Coloring book for teenagers and adults, with 30 DRAWINGS images of SCARY FACES skulls, EVIL DEMONS, ZOMBIES, GRUESOME CREATURES from HELL. Book contains scary evil looking portraits and is not intended for young kids.

One coloring page per sheet so you can color them with pencil, pen, gel markers as you wish.

You have both EASY & COMPLEX coloring levels.
Coloring horror figures can be quite relaxing! Create your colorful artistic pictures of DEADLY FACES and HORROR PICTURES.

This ‘Gruesome Faces’ coloring book IS NOT CONNECTED IN ANY WAY WITH A HORROR STORY BOOK WITH A SLIGHTLY SIMILAR NAME. This unique line drawings is great for men and women alike. HALLOWEEN Coloring Books for Grown-Ups who enjoy coloring new types of art.

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