Your Colored Page As Coloring Book Cover

Did you ever imagine YOUR art work as a real book cover?

Listen through…

Color This Picture for Book Cover

Cover Page To ColorSee this image.. we plan to use it in an upcoming coloring book, but its blank… Your colored version can be the one featured on the printed book.

How to join?

We offer anyone of our fans to download the image – Click Here To Download The Full Scale Image.

Color it and add it to this FB post regarding the book cover giveaway and challenge.

The 3 book covers which will get the most votes (likes) will get a FREE COLORING BOOK!

One of them will be featured as book cover! With full credit printed inside to the creator!

Important – Read all the way:

Download the large image from this link, (not the small image above) Use the large format to print or work with.

You can color it in anyway you like!! Digitally, pens, pencils, watercolor, what ever way you like to color.

Three of those who get the most likes ON OUR FACEBOOK PAGE for their colored image will win a free coloring book from our catalog!

Challenge ends at 20 September. Those with most likes at that date will be the winners for free coloring book.

We will choose ONE of the images added to the challenge (regardless if they are one of the winners) as book cover at our sole decision.

If you win, your colored page is chosen to be on our book cover – You will grant us full rights to use the image commercially, without any claim for royalty or request payment to use cover. Your name will be printed as credit inside the book! “Book Cover image Colored by: YOUR-NAME”

So What Are You Waiting For??

Get the image here: Image File For Book Cover
Once its completed add it as an image/comment to the Facebook page.

PROMOTE your image!! Ask friends to come and vote for it ON OUR PAGE – More likes, the greater the chances you will be one of the three finalists who get a free coloring book.