Remembering Dan Robbins – Color By Numbers – Free Download Page

Dan Robbins, the artist who created the first paint-by-numbers pictures and helped turn those kits into an American sensation during the 1950s, has died yesterday April 2019. He was 93.

“I remembered hearing that Leonardo Da Vinci used numbered background patterns for his students and apprentices, and I decided to try something like that,” Robbins said in 2004. His first creation was a portrait he drew of his boss, which he entered numbers inside the patterns to stand for the grades and shades required.

We decided to commemorate this artists who brought us the wonderful idea, and add here a Color By Number page for everyone to download print and color.

You are welcome to download this coloring page, and remember Dan Robbins as the one who brought and developed this type of art for everyone to enjoy. If you share your colored page on FB or other social media, please mention Dan Robbins so other will know also about this artist. The image created by Ann Diidik/Shutterstock

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