Rachel Mintz 100+ Pages Coloring Books

Many colorists today are looking for new coloring books that will excite them, and also be low budget. Some of the best books to find for adults coloring which meet these two criteria are the large 100 plus pages collections.

These coloring books include best coloring images curated from other books. So instead of buying 4-5 coloring books, colorists can now get 100+ pages, all in the same topic they love to color. Get all skill levels pages grouped together.

And the best part is the saving. Instead of buying 4-5 coloring books which can easily cost $35 or more.. Buying a 100 book collection usually costs less than $15, some even cost less than $10!

See below several of Rachel Mintz coloring books which include 100 or more coloring pages, which you can order, color and save.

100 Cute Grayscales Coloring Book

The book includes 100 adorable images curated from former Rachel Mintz books. Some of the most well know books are Innocence, In Love, Friendship, Sweet Mom and Cutness. All these books include sweet fluffy figures, teddies, bunnies, affectionate and loving.

You can get the 100 Cute Grayscales book on Amazon and enjoy the Prime shipping of the book directly to your home.

100 Ocean Designs

This book includes relaxing coloring pages of underwater scenes. Tranquility of coral reef and special marine life creatures. If you like to dive into the mindful zen of underwater silence, enjoy hours of relaxation then this book might be perfect for you.

Color starfish, sea horses, sea turtles, octopuses, dolphins and whales.

The 100 Ocean designs coloring book has pages for all skill levels, from easy designs for beginners and detailed intricate pages for advanced colorists.

The 100 Ocean Designs is also available in digital PDF format for those who prefer to print at home on their own paper.

130 Sugar Skulls Coloring Book

This book is for the heavy lifters. Those colorists who need lots of pages to color and love the decorated sugar skulls designs. The book has 130 (!!) different skulls in all the designs you can dream of. From roses and flowers to tattoo styles and abstract patterns.

The ‘day of the dead’ designs are popular in Mexico as part of the Dia de Los Muertos traditional holiday.

The 130 Sugar Skulls coloring book has coloring pages for all skill levels. No matter of you are a newbie or an expert, there are enough designs for everyone to color.

Order your paperback copy here.

The 130 Sugar Skulls book is also available in digital PDF format, for those who prefer to print at home, or those who do not have Amazon shipping to their location.

100 Unusual Mandalas Coloring Book

Another beautiful collection published by Rachel Mintz is the 120 Unusual Mandalas coloring book. Inside the book you will discover amazing art created with mandalas. Mandala circles (regular zen type), heart shaped mandalas, mandalas silhouettes, mandala flowers and many more.

Some of the mandalas are intricate and detailed, others are more easy and relaxed.

If you love mandalas and look for interesting new designs to color, this may be a wonderful book to color. Not to mention the 120 pages of mandalas are a wonderful gift to send to a colorist friend.

You can order your 120 Mandalas paperback copy from Amazon, or if you prefer the digital PDF version of the book you can get 120 Unusual Mandalas from Rachel Mintz website.

120 Large Print Designs Coloring Book

If you are following Rachel Mintz publications, you may have noticed many of the books are created in Large Print format. These books allow seniors and people who have sight issues to enjoy the pleasure of coloring.

The 120 Large Print book includes some of the best pages collected from all former books. You will find owls, masks, animals, mandalas, ice creams, zodiac, abstract, Celtic knots, costumes and more.

The 120 Large Print book is available in paperback on Amazon and also for those who prefer to print at home, in the digital format PDF on Rachel Mintz website, for instant download.

100 Horror Freaks Coloring Book

Many people love coloring horror pages all year round. Some people color these pages only near Halloween. No matter which of these you are, this book has some real creepy and scary pages inside.

Scary skulls, twisted figures from hell, killer clowns and malice creatures. All these are full page, single sided, 100 coloring pages to color and scare your friends.

This book can be perfect for Halloween. Suitable for teen ages and up. Men, women and anyone who loves scary horror monsters. Not recommended for young kids.

The 100 Horror Freaks book is available in paperback format on Amazon. For those who prefer to print at home, the 100 Horror Freaks can be found on Rachel Mintz digital coloring books site.