Learning Morse Code For Beginners

Many people might think that learning Morse code is difficult. All the deet & dah sounds, dots and dashes. For an uneducated eye, it surely may seem as a sophisticated code, beyond the grasp of the normal guy.

Is learning Morse difficult?

The truth is that learning Morse code, when done step by step, is easier than you might think. Like learning an alphabet ABC, learning Morse when it is done step by step, makes it simple to learn.

There are many ways to learn Morse. Some use symbols and pictures to illustrate the dots and dashes, and connect them to shapes and figures. Other explain the logic of the dots and dashes with tree like graphs.

How to learn Morse code language

Morse code is not a language, it is an alphabet code.

The most simple way may be the good old way of learning… Seeing the signal sign (dots and dashes) for example .- (a). Practicing reading & writing it dozens times. Learning to identify it inside other words. Listening to the sound it makes. And then practice, practice, and some more practice.

It is understandable why people look for short cuts, but if you are serious about learning Morse, take the highway, do it properly.

After mastering the A you move to the B and then to C and so on. The good thing is that in Morse there are no capital letters. So you need to learn only the 26 letters in the English alphabet.

Workbook to learn Morse

If you want to learn Morse step by step, check out this tutorial paperback book.

The book is designed for beginners. It has practice pages for each of the 26 letters and numbers 0-9.

The Morse code signs are practiced in several ways you can learn how the letter is read, written, and also with the aid of QR codes LISTEN to the sound the code signal has.

Morse practice pages

The book has plenty of visual practice pages. Places to test your knowledge as you advance in your studying.

Within the practice pages there are dozens of ‘connect the words’ with the Morse. Finding Morse letters inside Morse words. Connect the Morse to the right picture.

Find places with Morse latitude lines, solve fun puzzles.

Do simple Morse math exercises.

Decode secret agents messages.

Morse ‘word search’ and more!

And plenty of QR codes to scan and listen to real Morse signals to decipher.

You can order the book from Amazon and begin to learn Morse as a total beginner.

You can never know when learning this useful language may be essential and will come in handy.

Order your copy of the Morse Code Tutorial Book and enjoy a fun learning experience and knowing useful communication language.