Jewish Coloring Books For Kids

Coloring Books For Jewish Holidays

In the Jewish calendar there are several holidays and festival being practiced. From the Rosh Ha Shana to Passover and Purim. Over the last two years we created several coloring books for Jewish kids (and some for adults too). Each book has images and scenes to color from the Bible Story related to the holiday, or the traditional themes items and events to color.

Why people buy a Jewish theme coloring book per festival?

One reason people buy Jewish festival related books, is the will of the parents to preserve the tradition, pass the story to the next generation. Kids coloring a Passover book will see parts of the Haggadah, Moses, Pyramids, and other Passover related scenes to color.

Another reason is when giving gifts to family members or when invited to a Jewish family, a festival related coloring book, is a nice gift to bring the children. It shows the guests have thought of the gift and connected it to the related festival. A coloring book for Hanukkah for example will cover the Hanukkah story of the Maccabees and Judah Maccabee. Guests to a Jewish candle lighting ceremony can being a nice coloring book which related to the tradition.

Here Are Jewish Festival Coloring Books

My First Jewish Coloring Book For Kids: Coloring Books For Children Ages 4-8

Jewish coloring booksThe book has several Jewish theme images, from all holidays and Jewish calendar events. Star of David, Menorah, Passover, Hanukkah and more. The coloring level is easy. You can get this coloring book here.

Tu B’shevat – Coloring Book For Kids: Color Trees, Plants & Flowers Celebrate the Tu B’shvat Jewish Festival

The book includes images of kids planting trees, watering new plants and some floral and flowers. In this holiday the main tradition is to plant a new tree in Israel and to eat some of the fruits and nuts which the country of Israel has been bless in. Click here to buy this Tu Beshvat Book.

There is also a Tu BeShvat coloring book for adults, with similar content but the coloring level is much more complex with detailed pages to color.

Purim Coloring Book (Ages 4-6) – Kids in Costumes: Jewish Festival Colouring For Children

This coloring book for PURIM has lots of kids in costumes. The kids inside the book are dressed up in many kinds of costumes, from a doctor to a football player and guitarist. Kids will like to color all those figures and they will love even more around Purim. Click here to get this book from Amazon.

8 Days of Light – Hanukkah Coloring Book For Kids

Great book to celebrate the story of Hanukkah! The book includes the story of Hanukkah in pictures and part of the Hanukkah story written in the opposite pages. So kids can color and learn the main themes of the festival in the same book.

The images are easy to to color. Kids get the Greeks and Jews, the Temple, the Menorah, The Hanukkiya candle holder, Judah maccabee and the little Oil Cruse. Get this book for Hanukkah.

Passover – Coloring Book: The Passover Story in Pictures

Passover colorng book for kidsThis Passover coloring book has the Jewish story of the Exodus in pictures. Full page coloring scenes of Moses, Pharaoh, The Ten Plagues, The Red Sea Miracle, and more of the Passover story. Can be nice gift for children when coming to a Passover Seder meal. Order this book from Amazon here.

Purim Story – Coloring Book: Color The Scroll of Esther With Haman, Mordechai, Queen Esther and King Achashverosh

purim coloring book for kidsAs you know Purim is the festival were Jews celebrate the great miracle that happened in Shushan city, capital of Persia. Haman the wicked bad guy of the Book of Esther.This book unfolds the whole story of Purim. With coloring pages that describe the story of the King, Esther, Mordechai and evil evil Haman.

The coloring pages have the story of the Megila written at the side so kids who are less familiar with the Scroll story, can follow the images with simple explanations. Get your copy of this coloring book from Amazon.