Giveaway Challenge For Colorists!

Here is a coloring challenge for you, with a sweet prize for winner!

  1. See the FREE coloring page from our NEW coloring book ‘Women Art’.
  2. Color it and SHARE it at our Facebook page!
  3. One of those who shares a completed page, will win a FREE coloring book from our catalog!
  4. So get your pencils, markers and gel pens.. Show your art and creativity.

First – Print and Color This Page

Click the image below, and it will open in a new tab for you to download and print!

Women Art Coloring Book Challenge

Click HERE to get this page and color it.

We know some do not have a printer at home, so send the file to someone who does. Or take it to a library or work to print it there.

Share your completed page art!

Go to the GIVEAWAY post at our FB page, and ADD your completed page as a comment!

Click here to get to the giveaway post, share your finished page as a comment!

Winner will be picked from those SHARE the colored page.

So print the page, color it and share it!

The completed page does not have to look like the book cover. It is your free style art and creativity! Winner will be picked randomly from those who add their finished page to the FB post.

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