Celtic Patterns 2 (on Black Pages)

If you have been following us, you probably know we have several coloring books with Celtic patterns and knots.

Most of them are detailed patterns. One of them is a coloring book with simple large print designs, intended for seniors or visually impaired colorists.

We released a brand new coloring book, which has Celtic patterns on black pages. If you have tried these coloring books you already know, the black pages make every color you choose to ‘pop out’.

Celtic Patterns 2 - Coloring Book by Rachel Mintz

The high contrasts brings new dimensions of light and color to the finished result. Click here and color a sample page from this coloring book.

You can click on image to print and color it. (Will open on a new tab)

Feel free to share your completed image with us and your family and friends at Facebook.

We would love to see your creative finished page.

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If you like Celtic patterns, and if you like the black background page layout.

You are welcome to visit Amazon and order your copy of the book.

We hope you have pleasurable relaxing time with this book.

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