An Overview Learning Morse Code For Beginners

There are many ways to communicate which have nothing to do with verbal communication. Most of us have cell phones which enable us to speak with other people through the process of text messaging.

Prior to the advent of smart phones, telecommunication possibilities were limited. Speaking on the telephone was the primary way that we all spoke to others, but before that, there was Morse code.

This is a system of communication that used a telegraph to communicate with others. Although this is not an extremely popular form of communicating today, it is still a skill that could be beneficial for emergencies and for fun. Here is an overview of how you can learn Morse code if you are a beginner.

Why Was Morse Code Created?

Originating in the 1800s, this communication was modeled for use with the telegraph. The electric telegraph was a new invention, back in the 1840s, that was used all the way up through the 20th century.

By sending a series of sounds, often referred to as dots and dashes, these can be translated into alphanumeric characters and numbers. When communicating with people over a long distance, if they know Morse code, they can understand what you are saying.

The Language Of Morse Code

Although Morse code is not necessarily a language, it is certainly a coded way of communicating. Sequences of dashes and dots, along with spaces, can represent alphanumeric characters and numbers that we use today.

You can learn this language by looking at a chart that shows the corresponding ‘dits and dahs’ for each number and letter.

As you become more proficient, you will know what the sounds represent, allowing you to decipher what the code means by actually perceiving the words that are being sent.

You can also get a guide book on Amazon to learn Morse code step by step, with visual and audio sounds to makes the learning process faster and more robust..

Is This A Useful Skill In Our Modern Age?

This is a skill that many people still learn for various reasons. Those that are getting an amateur radio license will need to master this form of communication. It can be used for emergencies, particularly if you are in an area that is dark and remote.

Search parties can find, and know what you are saying, based upon the flashes and pauses you can produce on a flashlight. Therefore, it does have some practical applications, but you must find a course to help you learn this system for communicating.

Morse Code For Beginners

Beginners will often start with the standard chart that is available here on the page. It will show you the alphabet, along with numbers, and the corresponding dashes and dots that represent each symbol.

This can be fine for those who want write a single sentence. But if you really want to know Morse, to write and to read messages. You need to take the learning and practice one level higher.

Get a book to learn the letters one by one, learn how each letter sounds, and how to transmit it. Some books are just blank Morse lines. Others have practice pages, exercises, and QR codes to see and hear real Morse signals.

This will train your mind to instantly recall what the sounds represent. The same is true when practicing with flashlights, or any type of light, that will provide you with a visual representation of the message being conveyed.

Through practice, you may automatically discern what the letters are, and subsequently the words that are being sent. By following this sequence of training, you can easily learn Morse code in the span of just a few weeks.

If you decide to learn Morse code, beginners should always start with a booklet or a course on this topic.

There are many that are available at bookstores and on Amazon. By following the training that is presented, and practicing each day, you can become proficient at discerning with the dashes and dots are telling you.

It is a skill that everyone should learn, especially for emergency situations where Morse code could help save your life. Even if you are a beginner, with proper training, you can master this unique system for conveying messages.