5 Best Halloween Coloring Books For Adults & Teens

As the autumn breeze blows through the windows, and the orange leaves begin to pile up on the ground, it’s time to look for Halloween coloring books.

Some prefer scary figures, some sweet cute witches and bats, everyone has their preferred Halloween book in their mind. So to make your life easier here are the 5 best Halloween coloring books by Rachel Mintz.

The Sweet & Cute Halloween

Most of the colorists are looking for a sweet type of book, with images easy to color. Pages that include all the must figures, like cats, bats, witches, Dracula, spiders and tombs stones. One of the most popular coloring books in this season genre is Cute Witches.

Halloween Coloring Book For Adults Color and Share Witches Pumpkins Haunted Houses Bats Cats Jack o Lantern With Holiday Greetings Mintz Rachel 9798690694647 Amazon.com Books

Like the name implies there are cute witches inside. Holiday themed pages and Halloween blessings. Fun to color, fun to share.

Everything you might look for in a seasonal Halloween book. Cats, Bats, Pumpkins, Dracula, Jack-O-Lantern and much more..

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The Cool Skulls for Halloween

If you are looking for a nice combination of art and skulls, then the next book might be perfect for you. This grayscale book has beautiful skulls, skeletons, and demonic faces, all with pumpkins and Halloween themed decorations.

The art is not scary of graphic, just fun smiling skulls, crows, and Halloween add-ons.

The grayscale is easy to color, with clear shaded areas to cover. And fantastic art to show and share.

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The Scary Halloween

If you are looking for a more scary style, with horror flic pages, and adults art to match the scare of the season. Than the book “No Flesh” might be what you are looking for.

The book includes scary skulls, demonic figures, with a twist of horror to them. Nothing too gore, but not the fluff sweet sugar coated books mentioned above.

No Flesh has 28 evil faces, horror skulls, and creatures, all in light grayscale art easy to color.

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Or download the digital edition and color this book today.

The Children’s Halloween

Well Halloween is a kids holiday. They are all into the costumes and trick or treat. Some kids are waiting for this holiday 364 days..

This coloring book is perfect for boys and girls. It’s fun, and has all the holiday theme icons included. Haunted houses, black cats, bats, witches and wizards, Jack o Lanterns and spooky ghosts.

All the pages are easy to color, line art. One image per page for clean coloring and easy to remove.

The Haunted Manson is the right choice as a gift or as a creative themed book for this holiday.

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The Toddlers Halloween

Well everyone loves to color, and that includes tiny sweet toddlers.

This coloring book is perfect for 2-4 years old. Easy large faces to color.

Halloween Scary Faces

Is perfect for little small kids who want to color too, and enjoy fun creepy faces of Halloween.

Large lines, large spaces they can color easily without stress.