Why Morse Code Could Save Your Life

Learning Morse code could be a very important skill, one that could save your life one day. If you are in an area, without cellular reception, it may prove to be a reliable way of receiving help from others. Whether you are tapping on the walls of the building, or perhaps using a flashlight in the wilderness, you can send a message quickly.

However, you need to have learned Morse code first to properly send a message for help. Here is an overview of what Morse code is, how you can learn it, and ways that it will potentially save your life in the future.

A Brief History Of Morse Code

This all began back in the 1800s. Back in the age of electrical telegraphy, they needed a solution to sending messages. A man by the name of Samuel F.B. Morse, an inventor and an artist, realized that you could use these systems to send messages in a specific way. It was also uniquely designed to hide what the messages would mean unless you had a chart that can cross reference the message with letters and numbers. Today, this type of communication is archaic and seldom used, but it can be utilized in emergency situations.

How Does Morse Code Work?

Morse code is designed with what are called standard sequences. Each of these sequences, consisting of ‘dits and dahs’ (dots and dashes), correspond in a particular order to numbers and letters.

Using the Morse code chart, you are able to decipher what the messages, after writing down the dots and dashes for corresponding alphanumeric and numeric symbols.

An example of this would be spelling out a word, letter by letter, by transitioning the dits and dahs into letters, words, and phrases. There must be two people communicating, as with any communication, each of which will understand how Morse code works.

Here is an example of Morse code message:

How Is This Beneficial For Emergency Situations

Although cellular coverage can extend into wilderness areas, if you are out of range of the cell tower, you will not be able to communicate.

Likewise, if you are in a building, and you are somehow trapped, using your cell phone may not be possible due to the signal being blocked. If you have access to something you can tap on, or if you have a pocket flashlight, you can communicate with Morse code very easily.

As long as the person writing down your dashes and dots is accurate, your message can be conveyed in order to receive the help that is needed.

How To Learn Morse Code

Learning begins with looking at the chart of corresponding letters and numbers that relate to dashes, spaces, and dots.

Once you understand which sequence corresponds to a letter or number, you can translate the sounds, or the flashes of light that you see, into words sent to you by another person.

Practice is the key to becoming more fluent with this code.

Some people are able to simply listen to the dits and dahs and will instantly begin to process words.

There are books that can assist newbies that want to learn Morse code, allowing them to eventually use this unique form of communication.

International Morse Code

Morse code is still used today in many industries. For example, the aviation industry is using Morse code to identify transmitters over the radio.

Amateur radio users, and shortwave operators, continue to use it when communicating with people all over the world. It was once mandated by the international telecommunication Union, up until 2003, and it is required if you want to obtain an amateur radio license.

This will require the user to translate five words per minute listening to only dits and dahs to pass their test.

Morse code is an essential communications skill

Morse Practice Page

There are many ways that Morse code is still a contemporary form of communication. In particular, those that are amateur radio users will be well-versed in using this code.

However, people that learn this on their own are able to save themselves in emergency situations by contacting potential rescuers by simply using a flashlight. If you would like to learn Morse code, you can do so by taking a class on this topic.

There are also Morse code tutorial books that you can use to self educate, providing you with the information you need to master this unique method of communication.

You can never know when you will be in a situation where you’ll need to know Morse. Learn it now as another life hack skill useful for hobby and in emergency.