Try Grayscale Coloring Art

This new coloring book we published this week, includes two unique sub-genres in coloring art.

  • Grayscale – When the images are not drawn by line-art, but are faded scales of gray. The main advantage is that the finished pages are usually very realistic.
  • Black background pages – Where the pages are essentially black and not white as usual. The main advantage that colors look brighter on black background, and the finished pages usually stand out.

We had grayscale coloring books before, and we had black pages art too. But it is the first book we published which combines these two.

Here is your free page

You can try out this grayscale page, CLICK HERE or click the lion image to download the full scale page and enjoy coloring it (will open on new tab).

Get your free page here.

Order this coloring book

If you enjoy this grayscale page, and interested in coloring more wild animals, check out the full coloring book.

Click here to order ‘Wild Nature’ coloring book.

Inside the book you will find, tigers, eagle, giraffe, wolf, lama, grizzly bear, parrot, hawk, racoon, leopard and many more..

Click here to get yourself this grayscale and black pages art coloring book.

We invite you to share your colored pages with friends and family show wonderful art, and impressive black pages.